Terms and Conditions

FMC Accreditation Terms & Conditions

Pest Control Technician (PCT) version 2.0


By accepting FMC Accreditation, the Pest Control Technician (PCT) acknowledges and agrees to the following

Terms & Conditions of FMC Accreditation.

1. Representations and Warranties

a. At the time of entering into this agreement, and each time the Technician installs/applies an FMC Termite Management System at any location, the Pest Control Technician warrants and represents to FMC and their Pest Control Company that:

i. The Technician is a licensed pest control technician through the relevant state licensing board and will be a licensed pest control technician throughout any installation/application of an FMC Termite Management System.

ii. The Technician has a current, nationally recognised White Card (also called Occupational Health & Safety Certificate).

iii. The Technician will perform all FMC Termite Management System applications in accordance with the installation/application manual and respective product labels.

iv. The Technician will ensure that all field documentation that FMC requires for the “FMC $1M Warranty” is completed accurately, in full and within 14 days of installation/application or annual inspection.

v. The Technician will not make, and has not made, any representations or statements in relations to FMC Products which are, or which were at the time they were made, incorrect or misleading in any way.

vi. The Technician will only apply product and offer the “FMC $1M Warranty” on behalf of a Business/Company who is an “FMC Accredited Company” at the time of application.

b. If any of the representations or warranties made above are incorrect or misleading in any way, or become incorrect or misleading in any way, then the Technician will indemnify FMC and keeps FMC indemnified in respect of any loss, damage, cost or expense arising or incurred by FMC as a result.

2. Termination

FMC may terminate the FMC Accreditation of the Pest Control Technician or the Pest Control Company

a. Upon giving 30 days written notice; or

b. Immediately, if any of the representations or warranties made in this Deed are incorrect or misleading in any way, or become incorrect or misleading in any way; or

c. If the PCC or PCT fails to renew their FMC Accreditation on or prior to the expiry date indicated on the FMC Accreditation Certificate.

3. Applicable Law

The Deed shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law for the time being in force in the state of New South Wales and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that state.